Monday, April 15, 2019

Divine Feminine Chariot - A New Age is Upon Us

It's been a long time since I posted to this blog.  It was created in devotion to the Sacred Feminine and the birthing of the Divine Masculine.  Nourishing the marriage of yin and yang, speaking to the balance and healing the planet and all her kin yearn for (even if they are unconscious of that yearning).

One of the first things I thought as I scrolled down my Facebook feed and saw the Paris Cathedral in flames was, "I wonder what Margaret Starbird will share about this?"

I had the inkling to write last week, but today's event has ignited Divine Embodiment Blog once again, renewing my faith in the Capricorn knowledge stored within, the gnosis of my soul.

There is immense symbolism in what is happening right now.

Years ago I wrote about Kali (Pluto) riding in the chariot of Capricorn archetype (Pluto in Capricorn 2008-2023). 

Even more symbolic...renovations to the old paradigm via fire

- Kali rides in the Capricorn chariot

“The false feminine collapses to make way for the divine feminine.

The Notre Dame is built on ley lines traditionally power lines that never belonged to the abusing church. It’s a place for Isis or Mother Mary.”
- Marrie Maria

Pluto is the death of something.  Something dear.  Something we are attached to.  Something or someone we hold onto. This cathedral is a symbol of the Sacred Feminine, the Goddess.  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mega New Moon in Pisces

Neptune, Chiron, Venus, Eros, Mercury retrograde, the Sun, Mars, Amor and one more asteroid Hygiea all in the sign of Pisces.  That's BIG fish folks! with a Pisces New Moon to boot!

HOLY MOLY this is an amazing time.  In the words of Kristin Fontana, evolutionary astrologer, "it's sink or swim-SWIM!"

Tridents galore are shooting arrows of love, desire, dreams, visions, hopes, high immunity, and life force your way.

All of this energy is imbued with Neptune, the higher octave of romantic love and what we truly truly value, mirroring all of the above to us.  It's up to us to align all of this with THOUGHTS of the highest integrity.  When we align with any incy-wincy teeny-tiny thought of self-doubt, lack or fear we invite the heavy undertow into our energetic force field, in oceanic proportions!  This creates in-congruency in the energy body and leads to dis-ease in the physical body.  Because the physical body is only an out-picturing of the inner thought anatomy, thus we are either clear, receptive and channeling the universal flow, or we are masked in the grey fog of the Pisces underworld.

Check out this FABULOUS you tube video of Abraham on Going with the Flow!

There is much more to developing excellent immunity, such as taking high quality supplements, eating non-GMO foods, and loving our bodies with whole food AND aligning with the multi-dimensional or multi-sensory energy body...(so many ways to do this now).

The flow of evolution is urging us to unite our lower and higher selves, so we may be of service to the greater whole, birthing a vision for the future and NOW full of compassion, hope and healing, via our unique contribution.

The trine from Pisces to the Scorpio north node, our collective destiny now, is assisting us in claiming our heart's desire.  All of these Pisces planets are also sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, the planet of desire in the sign of the builder, business, and all structures--physical and otherwise.

For the 60's Virgo Generation, these planets are trine our Neptune in Scorpio!  This is the time to bring our intuitive healing natures to the forefront for humanity and the Earth.  What service do you long to provide, create, and manifest for the collective whole?  Maybe you are looking to expand what you are already doing

Pisces is about unity, dreams, visions, unity, compassion, flow, water, the oceans, all animal life on the planet, healing, hope, oil, pictures-photography....being highly sensitive and intuitive....and what is hidden and unconscious like addiction, deception, alcoholism, avoidance, lack of boundaries and so on.

This woman is here to facilitate healing and conscious opening for others, and support animals and their guardians in building conscious environments and the best possible health and well-being possible THROUGH WRITING, TEACHING AND PRIVATE SESSIONS!

If drugs, alcohol or other addictions are consuming you now, its never too late to chose recovery and join millions of others.  Substances are a symptom of deeper patterns, usually related to the management of subtle energy and a blocked creative force, due to self-doubt and/or unhealed past experiences.

To understand how all this Pisces is influencing you, you will need your natal chart, and an astrologer like me, or a computerized report to explain it to you.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Be Mindful in All Your Affairs

As the fire of Mars finds it way out of its long sojourn in the sign of Virgo (8  months), we come out of our charged focus on healing and clearing issues that impacted our health and well-being, most likely relating to the arenas of sex, anger management, and work, to a new focus.

July 4th, Mars redirects us to find balance in the midst of extremes as Mars ingresses into the sign of Libra.  Balance and equilibrium in the face of the extremes is what Libra does, by utilizing its attributes and desire to create beauty, justice and mediation in relationships of all kinds.

This is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT NOW--as we progress towards the week of July 13th.  Mars will be at 5 degrees Libra in opposition to Uranus, the planet of liberation, freedom, that comes in surprise and traumatic events, and squares the turbo generator planet of upheaval-Pluto, to eliminate what is unnecessary.  Power-struggles in relationships is likely, so choose your battles wisely, and consider whether being right is worth forfeiting serenity!

By the 15th these three planets will be in an exact T-square (hard angles).   Known as malefic's in ancient astrology they can bring forth harmful, crazy making energy, especially if we walk around unaware and unconscious (most folks are) of the timing of their influence.

The planets can be worked with in a positive way, but due to the level of unconscious fears and ego patterns that operate in our collective mindset via acceptable behaviors, the best we can do is be present within ourselves and pay attention to what is going on around us.

This time coming up is RE-ACTIVE ENERGY.  Mars and Uranus are squaring Pluto in Capricorn, an earth sign, so be prepared for strange weather patterns, earth changes, human reactions and actions that may be dangerous.  Thus, this is another good time TO LAY LOW, pray, meditate, be as MINDFUL AS POSSIBLE.

Mars rules moving vehicles and driving--Mars in T-SQUARE aspect to Uranus Pluto-DRIVE AS CONSCIOUSLY AS POSSIBLE!

Throughout the majority of June, Uranus and Pluto have been in an exact square.  Mars coming along, to join the collective planetary party, amps up the volume for three weeks in July.  KEEP COOL, LEVEL HEADED and LAY LOW IF NECESSARY.

Friday, June 15, 2012

High Noon Casts the Biggest Shadows

Hi All.  I just listened to Doreen Virtue's Angel Radio Show~doreen-virtue-june-13-2012-show

She talks about it being HIGH NOON on the planet, about 'men in power', alcohol and drug addiction, the dog star Sirius and its connection to Earth, Sirius' connection to working with Venus, the five-pointed star, and Isis.

Plus she asks us to meditate with the loving energy of Sirius, to be channels of love and light to address the 'darkest shadows' that are cast at high noon.

With love and mindfulness.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Can You Feel Venus

The still point of VENUS preparing to occult the Sun?

I definitely feel it!  The energy is very still today--two power eclipses in a row, while Venus is retrograde--AMAZING, truly amazing.

Last night we wove our way into energetically dancing with Venus, and we are imbued with her.

I wanted to share some meditation music with you all, to enhance your experience of Venus' transit, but seem unable to upload here on Word Press.  I hope to change this soon!

Sending blessings of love and grace to you all.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Five-Pointed Star Venus Dance

In dedication to Venus and her culminating journey tomorrow, I post these photos from my Ancient Mary-Ancient Venus dance in 2009, performed on a white five-pointed star with white rose petals, an Excalibur sword amongst the backdrop of Angel's painting of Mary, our altar to Mary and my natal astrological mandala, imbued with Mary, Saturn and Venus.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Celebrate Venus' Transit

Ladies--join us Monday, June 4th, the night of Full Moon Sagittarius Eclipse, in honor of Venus and the beloved sacred energy she has shared with us for the last eight years.


7-8:30 PM, June 4th, $20 Nautilus Studio Please CONFIRM ATTENDANCE AHEAD OF TIME, for further information and directions, to gain ENTRY THRU THE GATE

Come dance with us, as we honor Venus and this culminating once in a lifetime blessing of grace that she has bestowed to us, as she has traveled through the sky spreading her ancient geometric five-pointed star Phi-in-the-Sky illumination pattern, in and thru us the last eight years (2004-2012).  This surely is reason to celebrate and give reflection to the symbolic Sacredness of Venus and the Divine Feminine.

This is a great way to reflect and integrate, in body-mind and soul what we have received, how we have grown, what we have discovered over the last 8 years.

Venus symbolizes what we moving forward through the rest of Venus' retrograde period (May 23-June 28), what will we take away with us and CULMINATE into our relationships with self, other, work, money to create and honor our Venusian hearts.

Who and what do we need to let go of?  How much do we value ourselves? our relationships? our time, money, our creativity, our sexuality?  Do we give it away? Do we hold on to tight? Do we create? 

These are a few questions to consider in determining what we value and how we can develop a well-spring to hold those values and move in life.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Full Moon Eclipse & Venus Transit

The full moon Lunar Eclipse chart for June 4th, shows Mercury posed at the 23 degree mark that began Venus' retrograde motion, May 24th the day of the previous eclipse (solar), two weeks ago.   The solar eclipse opens the Pleiadean doorway of energy and infused us with light (if we slowed down enough to embrace it) just before Venus begins her transit occult-ation on June 5, 2012.

In the full moon chart, Venus retrogrades at 16 degrees Gemini, the Sun and Moon are in opposition (full moon energy) at 14 Sagittarius/Gemini in addition to the transiting nodes also in Sag/Gemini at 5 degrees.

The Sun, Moon and Venus square Mars in Virgo (more below), plus the Moon will cross over the nodes (rulers of the collective mind-conscious and unconscious) just before the full moon, and  then the Moon will occult Pluto (ruler of secrets, death, mysteries, obsession, soul, desire) right after the Venus transit on Tuesday night.   This energy highly charged (on many levels)!

In the ancient world eclipses were feared, and especially during a Venus occult-ation.  These phenomena do have undertow to them, so it is wise to be mindful and grounded, and to honor the energy they bring.  By nature they are yin--internal, feminine, hidden, deep, mysterious.  If you know anyone who is deeply internal and intuitive by nature, they are directed by these yin symbols.

My niece comes to mind.  She was born in a Full Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo and she has a retrograde Venus--she is highly intuitive and gifted, but in her environment there is no support for this or acknowledgement, thus she acts out her environment and is the scapegoat, rather than the seer.  We may think we know people, but if they are of a yin ilk, it takes some real quality time to connect with them, otherwise they never really show their true Self.

As it goes though, retrograde functions serve their purpose.  They help us burn off, what would otherwise be full steam ahead, thus they are necessary--they help us regroup, literally.  When we disregard; others, our work, family, our personal evolution--whatever our personal dharma is in this life (and its different for everyone) we create karma--setting up the threads the soul has to work through in the next life.

Back to the full moon...Mars wants action, in Virgo, it seeks to level the playing field, demanding sensibility and accountability in real-time reality.  On a grand scale this speaks to the economy and healthcare--on a personal level to our own health and our work.  Relative to retrograde Venus squaring Mars--the planets are asking us to re-evaluate our work, health, and our relationships.  Are we doing what our heart desires and is our bodymind up to par, mentally and physically to carry us towards those desires?

Mars previous retrograde journey brought our issues to the surface.  Now in direct motion, across the same degrees it traversed earlier this year, we are able to move forward with more clarity, vitality and power (if we cleaned house, embraced its message and were able gain from its long stay in the sign of analysis).

If not, can we embrace the disconnect and find our way back to ourselves, or seek help?

The full moon also loosely squares Chiron/Neptune in Pisces, so we could see crises with water.  Vesta, Ceres and Jupiter are conjunct in the earth sign Taurus. 

Vesta and Ceres, feminine asteroids with the powerhouse Jupiter bare witness to the great need we have to embrace natural law, especially with the transiting North Node in Sagittarius, ruler of natural law.

This chart in unison with the Venus Transit, marks what is to come, as the nodes begin to move into an exact square to Neptune in Pisces and the upcoming first quarter square between Uranus and Pluto, June 24th.  From 2012-2017, there will be seven exact squares (see Grand Cross link) between these two planets, similar in nature to their conjunction in the 1960's.  Change is coming.

All the aspects now call us to our destined roles.  Those born between 1964-Oct 65 are called to action, and those that have any mutable planets, and cardinal ones.  To understand the Venus Transit in depth, rather than begin to re-write what has already been so clearly and beautifully written, I share with you an article (A MUST READ), in a gorgeous magazine, Science 2 Sage, out of Vancouver, on the culmination of the Venus transit and the un-foldment of its cycle.

Wendy Lynne Magdalena

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Venus 2012

Tomorrow's solar eclipse in Gemini (1 degree), sets the tone for the next 19 years, and the next several months.  Eclipses occur during the summer months, and they occur at the same degree and sign every 19 years, so we are ending one cycle and beginning another.  Within the next 19 years we will have truly moved into the Aquarian Age 2031!

Can you imagine us 19 years from now?  Will we survive the supposed awakening that's coming this year, at the turning of the great wheel of time---a 26,000 year cycle of our central sun's evolution?  If so, what will it look like?  Will we move through the polarities of right and wrong, good and evil, us and them, to a humanitarian civilization?  Will science and spirituality merge?  Will we acknowledge the Earth is a living organism, and will we finally take responsibility for life giving soil and learn how to collectively compost, so that we may renew the Earth rather than rape it?

Gemini represents logic, the collective people and their thinking process.  Sagittarius, the opposite sign of Gemini, represents living within the parameters of Natural Law, meaning being in tune with nature.  Of course, both these signs represent more, but for this post let's keep it simple.

This Sunday's Eclipse leads us into a series of planetary phenomena that are rare and very significant, because these events rally around the culmination of the transit of Venus, which has taken place over the last eight years and only occurs every 108 years!  So none of us alive (hardly any of us are 108) have we been exposed to the extraordinary energy Venus' travel has bestowed on us.  As Venus transits in the sky, she weaves an star pattern, the Star of Illumination I call it, of five points.  This ancient pattern relates to the ancient understanding at the core of the Earth and the five elements: earth, fire, air, water, and metal.
Eclipses facilitate the integration of our masculine (Sun) and feminine (Moon) sides, and occur close to the same degree every 19 years. On May 21, 1993, there was a partial solar eclipse at 1ยบ Gemini; something you began that year is being completed or needing to spiral to the next level. What was important to you that year? What is calling you now? (SA)

Nineteen years ago, this past April, my mother passed into Spirit and I began a journey into another way of life.  I literally began communicating with the other side, as my mother and I healed our painful past.  I became fascinated and wanted to learn as much as I could about the afterlife.  Betty Eddie's book, Embraced by the Light and James van Pragg's books helped me know I was not alone in my experiences.  Now as this eclipse cycle closes, all my experiences and the wealth of blessings and gifts I have received are almost ready to be birthed in book form.  You may ask yourself, what began in the spring of 1993 for you and where are you with it now?  Is it complete or is there more you need to gather?

Even if we have full lives, making time to quiet ourselves, and listen to the wisdom in each breath and each moment, we will fill up with the grace of these times.
Solar eclipses, which are extra powerful new moons, always signal major endings and beginnings. The solar eclipse on May 20 initiates a continuous set of transformative waves in the coming weeks (see important dates above). We are experiencing the close of a 26,000-year cycle — offering a quantum leap in consciousness for each of us and for humanity as a whole. These astrological alignments are galvanizing a massive quickening and acceleration of our evolution. Give yourself as much mediation/prayer/soul time as you can, so you can integrate these huge downloads and upgrades more easily. Ironically, the best way to deal with everything speeding up is to slow down. Stay in the present moment. As soon as you catch yourself worrying about the past or future, fasten your spiritual seatbelt. Take a few deep breaths, ground yourself, focus on your heart, ask your angels/guides for help if necessary, and remember you are participating in a planet-wide, cosmic process. Being mindful of your breath and the big picture will stabilize not only yourself, but all those around you and beyond; everyone and everything is connected.

The  eclipse will be visible across the Pacific ocean, from southeast Asia to the western US. Depending on location, the eclipse begins around 5:30 PM PDT, peaks @ 6:24 to 6:28 PM PDT, and ends about an hour later. As an annular, not a total eclipse, the Moon will block about 94% of the Sun, forming a “ring of fire” in the sky for those close to the center line of the eclipse.

~Stephanie Austin

If we chose to our align with the nature of the universe, rather than solely adhere to the third dimensional realms of the man-made culture/society we live in, we may benefit greatly now, through conscious soul evolution, personally and collectively.

In addition to the eclipse, two days ago, May 15th Venus turned retrograde, which in itself is uncommon, as it only occurs every 20 months, plus this retrograde of Venus culminates her 8 year transit through the sky. (The first link above talks about the retrograde function of Venus, the second highlighted link is a comprehensive description of the Venus transit).

The return of Venus to the sign of Gemini completes the journey of her transit that began in June of 2004.  It was the summer of 2004 that I began to consciously communicate with animals from a distance.  I also began to write about astrology at that time, and my relationship to Mary, the Divine Feminine, increased exponentially, and my soul moved closer to its authentic desire and expression that ever before.

What happened for your over the last eight years?

FYI~When any planet moves backward, it creates an inward yin focus, calling for quiet time to reflect and review our lives.  Because Venus represents our relationships, to self, other, to money, the earth, and it represents what we value, while it is in the sign of Gemini, and while this eclipse is in Gemini, our minds will hopefully be reviewing what we truly value, and we hopefully will choose to speak our renewed awareness and valued desires.  This may be best done once Venus returns to direct motion, June 27th at 7 Gemini.

At the same time, the planet Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moves into Gemini and will eventually square Neptune in Pisces and then Chiron, which is soon to be retrograde as well.  Then on June 19th we have another new moon in Gemini, believe it or not!  The other significant simultaneous event is the 1st Uranus-Pluto square on June 24th.  Without going into a great deal of explanation of this aspects, one thing I can say is, HOLD ON TO YOUR SPIRITUAL TOOLS BECAUSE THE RIDE MAY GET INTENSE, and beautiful if we are grounded and awake to evolution and its phenomenal dance.  Otherwise, we can get caught up, and dis-oriented, in the extremes occurring in politics, the weather, the get the picture.

I haven't written for quite some time.  I'm glad to be back and will continue to post.

God Bless.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Egyptian New Year

July marks the new year for the ancient Egyptians. Although different sources quote slightly different dates as the exact New Year’s Day, almost all agree it falls in the month of July which coincides with the annual flooding of the Nile and the heliacal (dawn) rising of the great star Sirius, the energy portal to the Milky Way Galaxy. In some literature, July 17th marks the birthday of Isis - queen of ancient Egypt, great teacher from Sirius and archetypal representation of the Divine Goddess.

Of Egyptian lineage, the deity Isis is often associated with healing, alchemy and the lunar energy. She represents the female principle of nature: receptivity, creative force, nurturing, gentleness. She is also known as the Goddess of 10,000 names as it is believed that all goddesses are an aspect of Isis, the Divine Mother. A master in spiritual science, Isis’ healing works like magic. She lovingly supports all her initiates on becoming great healers themselves.

Isis originates from the star system known as Sirius, the brightest star visible from the earth’s sky. Also the energy portal to our galaxy, Sirius is a much evolved consciousness currently of the 6th dimensional plane. The Sirians, our brothers and sisters of higher evolution, have long been monitoring and supporting the human evolution since the Great Experiment – the seeding of the human race. As we get ready to transit to the next envelope of light which also marks the end of the Mayan calendar, the Sirian High Council and the Galactic Councils of Light are earnestly guiding us through this rebirth of the human consciousness and light body. It would be a wonderful blessing to receive an attunement from the Sirian Star Beings as an ascension gift.